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Too Much Money

Can capitalism have too much capital?

Are we losing our edge?

The most disturbing thing about the National Science Foundation’s announcement this week, that they will tear down the famous radio observatory at Arecibo, is that it didn’t come as a surprise.

“Who knew that the future would arrive so neatly wrapped in the past?”

It’s always a little exhilarating to encounter a bit of really impressive technology that is not reserved to multi-billion dollar corporations, armies of faceless engineers, and hair-trigger legal departments. Yeah, I get collaboration, I get intellectual property rights, I get EBIDTA. But we need a break from it once in a while.

Time Machines

A working bit of science history dodged a bullet last month.

At the ends of the Earth, in Nevada

It is one of the most bleak and forbidding places imaginable, surfaces of rock relieved only by the cracks and thrusts of ancient tectonic forces.