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Open RAN – Headed for a Change?

What, if anything, is the real value of Open RAN? Here’s a theory.

The FPGA Trap – Busted?

Analog Devices promises a giant leap toward commoditized ORAN-compliant radios.

The FPGA Trap (technical)

When is an ASIC not an ASIC?

Mavenir the Maverick? (technical)

What is Mavenir up to with US patent 10,886,976?

Open RAN Creeps Ahead

It’s not as easy as it looks.

Open RAN and “White Box” Radio

Radio is hard. And there is a lot of IPR not safely wrapped up in silicon.

As if on cue…

Quick take on the Solar Winds hack.

Massive MIMO Next Steps (technical)

A lot more processing in the RU. Ericsson is leading the way. Here is how open RAN may follow.

Expanding the Attack Surface (technical)

Sorry, but Huawei is not the problem.

Massive MIMO – Some thoughts on where it stands (technical, longish)

I find this topic endlessly interesting. Although I admit it can be a challenge making it interesting for others. But let’s see what we can do.